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How do I join Planet IX official Telegram group chat?


How do I join Discord?


How can I interact with other players?

We are working on an in-game chat but until it gets implemented you can join our super friendly discord-channel by clicking here. There are many different channels for different topics, for example, suggestions, marketplace and language specific chats.

What is an AoC?

It’s all of you! Our awesome players and it stands for Agents of Change.

How can I submit a suggestion?

Similarly to the bug report process, you can submit suggestions for improvements in our official Discord server (suggestions channel).

How do I report a bug?

Go to the PLANET IX Help Center at https://planetix.zendesk.com/hc/en-150, click on submit a request, fill out the form provided, write 'bug report' in the subject box and describe the bug in the description box.

How do I learn about Planet IX?

Please read our Gamebook and Whitepaper.

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