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Planet IX is the first game being developed by Nibiru Software (https://www.nibiru.se).

NIBIRU is a Swedish game studio in the process of developing a global and ground-breaking NFT asset strategy game called PLANET IX. NIBIRU is led by entrepreneurs with backgrounds in branding, gaming, and cryptocurrency.

During the spring of 2021, Nibiru Software AB received initial funding from Impact Crowd Technology (ICT). Nibiru is an independent company separated from ICT and they maintain a decision-making influence and power over all aspects of the game development, strategy, and content. Nibiru and ICT have a close relationship as its first game, PLANET IX will use the Crowd1 network as a catalyst for the expansion and growth of the game. Through Crowd1, Nibiru gains access to a community of over 20 million potential players. In order to play the game, players do not need to be affiliated with Crowd1. PLANET IX is open to everyone and is building its own community of players.

We at Nibiru, plan on developing great games in the future, apart from Planet IX. The company is still young and we are learning every day.


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